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11 May

Sete Sois Sete Luas Festival 2023.

News from Rovinj:

In July Rovinj will host the Mediterranean Folk Music Festival Sete Sòis Sete Luas (Seven Suns, Seven Moons). The festival has its official seat in Lisbon (Portugal) and Pontedera (Italy). It is promoted by the Culture Network in 30 cities, in 10 different countries of the Mediterranean and Portuguese-speaking countries: Brazil, Cabo Verde, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and in the past several years, in Croatia and Rovinj. The festival is a project of folk music, street theatre performances and visual arts, gathering prominent artists of the Mediterranean culture.


12.07. Summer terrace of the Italian Community ”Pino Budicin”

Mario Incudine (Sicilia, Italia)

13.07. Marshal Tito Square

GUSTAFI (Istria, Croatia)

GUSTAFI are known for its electric style that combines Istrian folk music and rock, with the influence of blues. The band was founded in 1990 in Vodnjan, a small Istrian town, and is one of the most significant examples of the so-called ČA-val (Cha Wave), a type of pop-rock music accompanied by lyrics sung in the Chakavian dialect of Istria, thanks to which the band became very popular in Croatia in the mid-1990s.

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